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Hi there

I'm Selena 👋

I work with brands on their social media marketing as well as community management ✨


I have 4+ years of creative marketing experience, specifically in social media management and content marketing.


Past employers have called me a queen of communications (no, really, it's on their TikTok), a Canva pro, a fun writer, AND an analytics nerd.

I do what I do because:


  1. I'm fascinated with the ever-changing landscape of social media.

  2. I am a people-person and have a great time building relationships and getting to know people.


What can you expect from me?


I'll create engaging and trending content for your brand, build a strong brand presence, and nurture your online community like it's my own 🥹


What are my weaknesses? Emojis!


I absolutely love them and will do whatever it takes to incorporate them into my writing. It's a non-negotiable! 🫣

Here's what I do:


Social Media


Community Building

Content Creation

Nomad Teachers_edited.jpg

Madira Gregurek

Nomad Yoga Dundee Studio Owner

"Nomad Yoga Studio would not have half the presence on social media it has today without Selena's excellent work. Her marketing brings continuous interest and new customers to our door who gush about how they saw Instagram posts about us and how they had to check it out!"

Here are some things I said on LinkedIn:

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